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Welcome information

Welcome to Wave 23 Swimming

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our open water coaching sessions. These take place on Southbourne beach, in front of the lifeguard hut and Bistro on the Beach café. Your coach will be Lisa, Ellen or Jane – depending on your session.

We want everyone to love swimming in the ocean as much as we do, be it for enjoying watersports or keeping fit. Whichever it is, we know that everyone will be guaranteed a smile on their face each time they exit the sea. We will ensure that smile is achieved in a safe, all inclusive and friendly environment. These are your sessions at your pace and your terms. You won’t have to keep up with others as no one will be holding any one up.

Parents should stay in the vicinity, enjoy the beach and have a cold drink.

Where to meet

We meet on the beach at Southbourne, on the sand by the lifeguard hut.  (Just along from the Bistro on the Beach restaurant.)

Parking:  There is a chargeable car park above the zig zag. You may find free parking along the overcliff road or in the side roads.

Throughout the session, please maintain social distancing in line with the latest Covid 19 guidance. Do not share equipment with other swimmers.

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what to bring with you

Compulsory for swim:
Bright coloured swim hat
Tow float
Water shoes/surf boots – can be stony and you could be in and out of the sea at certain times

Ear plugs – highly recommended
Neoprene hat (to wear under swim hat ) – optional
Neoprene swim gloves – optional

Warm clothes – layers
Dry robe/dressing towel
Flask of hot drink
Bottle of water
Snack for after swim
Hand gel for start and end of the session – the coach will have extra as well

Code of Conduct for Coaches and Swimmers

Swimmer’s Code of Conduct

  1. To complete, sign and return the registration form
  2. To be aware of the latest government advice around social distancing and Covid 19
  3. To read and understand the information on this Welcome page
  4. To bring all the compulsory equipment to each session
  5. To let the coach know immediately if any answers have changed on the registration form
  6. To let the coach know if you have any injuries or you are feeling unwell before starting each session
  7. To let the coach know if you are feeling unwell, nauseous or dizzy during the session and leave the water immediately
  8. To take part in the safety brief and acclimatisation drills at the beginning of each session
  9.  Pre-Swim: Cover open wounds
    i.    Do not swim with deep wounds
    ii.    Use hand sanitiser
    iii.    Take part in the safety brief and acclimatisation drills
  10. Post Swim: Use hand sanitiser
    i.    Rinse out mouth straight after swimming
    ii.    Wash hands before eating and drinking
    iii.    Clean and disinfect all equipment including goggles and ear plugs after each session
    iv.    Have a full shower as soon as you can
    v.    If you feel unwell after swimming with sickness or diarrhoea phone your doctor

Coach’s Code of Conduct

  1. To keep teaching qualifications and insurance up to date
  2. To continually update the site specific risk assessment, NOP and EAP
  3. To continually update the Covid 19 risk assessment
  4. To carry out a dynamic risk assessment prior to each session
  5. To obtain all registration forms prior to the first session
  6. Ensure social distancing is maintained throughout each session
  7. Check list safety provisions are in place prior to each session, in line with the risk assessments
  8. Structure the classes to the level of the weakest swimmer, with options available to push the stronger swimmers
  9. Deliver a safety brief and acclimatisation drills at the start of every session
  10. To carry out a debrief at the end of every session


If you’ve got any queries at all or something’s not clear, please do get in touch and ask. Email us at or via the original means of contact you used to arrange your session.

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